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Reduce stress & anxiety

The ultimate active gaming collection

Dive into the ultimate XR experience with Action Resort XR! Unleash your fists in our boxing simulations, refine your reflexes in high-velocity games, or channel your inner chef in a chaotic virtual kitchen. It’s not just about gaming; it’s a total body-and-mind adventure.

Consider this collection a must-have for any XR enthusiast. We’ve carefully curated a blend of games that enhance both your mental acuity and physical well-being, all while delivering a fun-packed experience with top-tier visuals.

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Launch Modes to Look Forward To

Pro Boxing Training

Get in the ring with your highly customizable coach (m/f) and rise through the ranks, from amateur to pro – and beyond!

Smoothie Bar

Don your chef hat  in our virtual kitchen; chop veggies, peel fruits, and blend up some wellness!

Ball Smasher Reflex Training

Hone your reflexes by taking on rapid-fire pitching machines. It’s a workout for mind and muscle!

Food Fight

Take all your rage out on Bots such as the Banana or the Pizza Slice; Brace yourself for the sweatiest, most exhilarating session you’ll ever have in XR!

Embrace the active wellness journey

Embrace a healthier, more active you with Action Resort XR. Our activities offer more than just fun—they deliver a holistic wellness journey that seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Enjoy health benefits from cardiovascular wellness to mental sharpness!

Experience the difference yourself, and try Action Resort XR today!