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Cardiovascular health

Burn calories

Strengthen muscles

Reduce stress & anxiety

Unlimited Fitness

Unlimited Boxing Fun

At an Unmatched Price

Action Resort XR merges the benefits of a fitness gym with the thrill of gaming, delivering a unique blend of fun and fitness that’s not just effective, but also addictively entertaining.

For less than the cost of a month’s gym membership, Action Resort XR offers endless opportunities to boost your cardio, strength, and endurance—making it not only a fitness solution but a fun part of your daily routine.

Plus, forget the expense and scheduling hassles of hiring a personal boxing trainer. With Action Resort XR, you can spar with the virtual coach of your dreams anytime, anywhere.

This is more than just a game; it’s a lifetime of fitness and excitement, always just a few taps away. With a lifetime of access at such a cost-effective price, every penny spent is the smartest investment you can make in endless fun and fitness.

The ultimate active gaming collection

Dive into the ultimate XR experience with Action Resort XR! Unleash your fists in our boxing simulations, refine your reflexes in high-velocity games, or channel your inner chef in a chaotic virtual kitchen. It’s not just about gaming; it’s a total body-and-mind adventure.

Consider this collection a must-have for any XR enthusiast. We’ve carefully curated a blend of games that enhance both your mental acuity and physical well-being, all while delivering a fun-packed experience with top-tier visuals.

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Launch Modes to Look Forward To

Pro Boxing Training

Get in the ring with your highly customizable coach (m/f) and rise through the ranks, from amateur to pro – and beyond!

Smoothie Bar

Don your chef hat  in our virtual kitchen; chop veggies, peel fruits, and blend up some wellness!

Ball Smasher Reflex Training

Hone your reflexes by taking on rapid-fire pitching machines. It’s a workout for mind and muscle!

Food Fight

Take all your rage out on Bots such as the Banana or the Pizza Slice; Brace yourself for the sweatiest, most exhilarating session you’ll ever have in XR!

Embrace the active wellness journey

Embrace a healthier, more active you with Action Resort XR. Our activities offer more than just fun—they deliver a holistic wellness journey that seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Enjoy health benefits from cardiovascular wellness to mental sharpness!

Experience the difference yourself, and try Action Resort XR today!