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Cardiovascular health

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Strengthen muscles

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An Investment in Your Health, No Hidden Fees

At Fitness One XR, we believe in accessibility and transparency.

That means no hidden fees: no subscription charges and no in-app purchases. Just a one-time, surprisingly low price gives you unlimited access to our extensive library of fitness programs.

We’re committed to helping as many people as possible get moving and improve their health—that’s what drives us.

Unlike other VR fitness apps that charge monthly fees for less comprehensive services, Fitness One XR offers a lifetime of personal training for all muscle groups at a fraction of the cost.

Comparatively, gym memberships are double the price and billed monthly, which can be up to 30 times more expensive annually! And while a real-life personal coach might charge you a similar amount for just 15 minutes of training, with Fitness One XR, you receive a personal trainer for life.

This is the most effective way to feel better, stronger, and healthier at an extremely affordable, no-brainer price.

20,000 satisfied players can’t be wrong:
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The elite personal trainer experience

Forget tedious fitness apps and videos: With Fitness One XR, you bring the personal trainer experience, once reserved for the elite, right into your home!

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, enhance your posture, strengthen your back, power up your heart, sculpt a six-pack, a round booty and sleek legs, boost your endurance, sharpen your memory, build more muscle, strengthen your arms, foster a positive attitude, or simply enjoy working out to music with today’s best trainer: Fitness One XR is here for you.

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Customizable, Motivating, Effective

Fitness One XR offers over a hundred fitness programs: from cardio to strengthening and sculpting every single muscle group. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, now you can enjoy working out alongside a challenging personal trainer who’s always there for you, continually motivating you to work on self-improvement.

With over a thousand options to customize your own realistic personal trainer and the most advanced, innovative AI techniques assisting you to swiftly become healthier, stronger, more  attractive, and more vibrant, this is the most comprehensive XR fitness experience available.

Fitness One is the only XR app offering exercises for literally every muscle group; and together with our unparalleled, years of R&D perfected form-tracking, your workout just became way more effective. Thousands of users have already joined, with an average cross-platform customer rating of 9 so far.

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“Fitness One XR Evolved brings variety to my VR fitness routine with classic exercises in appealing VR environments.” –

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