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Reduce stress & anxiety

Improve balance

Improve flexibility

Strengthen muscles

Cardiovascular health

Affordable Wellness

Limiteless Possibilities

ReCharge XR offers a lifetime of wellness for less than the cost of a single session at a traditional wellness class or club.

Forget the hassle of traveling to classes that only meet once or twice a week. With ReCharge XR, you gain 24/7 access to yoga, Qigong, and healthy-aging AI coaching right in your own home—all for a one-time fee.

Our approach not only saves you time and travel expenses but also provides a cost-effective solution to maintaining consistent wellness practices.

Why pay more for limited access when you can enjoy a full spectrum of wellness activities anytime, anywhere, with ReCharge XR? Invest once, benefit forever.

Virtual wellness oasis

Experience the benefits of body-mind exercises with the guidance of a 1-on-1 personal trainer in the comfort of your own home in the virtual world. With ReCharge XR, you get your own yoga instructor, Qigong teacher, and healthy-aging coach: and more! All of this on-demand and from the comfort of your own home.

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Key features

Choose your own beautifully crafted VR environments

From virtual spas to peaceful yoga rooms, from tropical beaches to luxury villas: we have everything you need to feel good fast.

Choose and personalize your own trainer

Motivating personal trainer: with more than a thousand options!

Featuring +10 ambient music tracks

quickly get you into trance and relaxation; including Vagus Nerve Stimulation music.

Dynamic fitness for a vibrant life

Forget boring exercise apps and videos—this evolved, next-level experience will make you feel genuinely good and healthy in no time. ReCharge XR teaches you the magic of specific movements that instantly bring relaxation and positive energy, all wrapped in an attractive XR app for an extremely low price.

Try ReCharge XR today, and you’ll instantly feel its effectiveness. From that moment on, it only gets more fun to work on your health every day! No pent-up stress, less pain, perfect posture, morning energy, deep sleep at night, no stiff limbs: this is what ReCharge XR is designed for!

Video Reviews

VR Bytes

36 Specially designed programs divided into six categories

Stress release

No round back

Energizing morning

Daily Stretch

Booty Pilates

A good night rest

Experience the difference yourself, and try ReCharge XR - Wellness today!